Mission & Vision


At Banarasi Poshaak, our mission is to bridge the rich tapestry of Banaras’ ancient legacy with the contemporary preferences of today’s generation. We are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the unparalleled heritage of Banaras by curating and offering a diverse range of traditional clothing. Our commitment lies in providing you with minimalistic and high-quality apparel that not only makes you look your best but also serves as a timeless representation of our cultural heritage.


Our vision is to be the embodiment of Banaras’ cultural heritage in the modern world. Banarasi Poshaak aims to be the go-to destination for individuals who appreciate the finesse of traditional Banarasi fabric and designs. We envision becoming a seamless bridge between the past and present, where every piece of clothing carries the essence of Banaras’ royal history. Through our carefully curated collection, we aspire to inspire individuals to connect with their roots and embrace the elegance and charm of Banarasi clothing.

Our Promises:

Quality and Timelessness: We promise to deliver traditional Banarasi clothing that exudes quality and stands the test of time. Our creations are designed to be cherished for generations, keeping the legacy alive.

Innovative Designs: Founded by Suruchi, a visionary photographer and former journalist, Banarasi Poshaak embraces experimentation. We strive to infuse innovative designs while maintaining the authenticity of Banaras’ heritage.

Transformative Clothing: We believe that clothing has the power to transform us. Our founder’s belief in the influence of clothing on mood and self-expression is reflected in each piece we offer.

Connecting Generations: Inspired by the effortless elegance of Suruchi’s mother, we aim to create clothing that resonates across generations. We aspire to create a cultural connection between the past and present through our attire.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our patrons for their trust and support, as you become an integral part of our journey. Banarasi Poshaak is more than just clothing; it’s a celebration of heritage, a fusion of tradition and modernity, and an ode to the timeless grace of Banaras.